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Tree Of Life Illustration

December 29, 2022 20:48 GMT

I made this “Tree of Life” illustration using masks and various foliage textures in Photoshop. This is going to be used as background piece for the Qabalah infographic that I’m currently working on.

Tree of Life Illustration

Sephirot Images

December 24, 2022 12:11 GMT

I’m drawing icons for the planetary spheres of the Qabalah, this is the first batch. “Sephirot” means sphere in Hebrew. The first one is Kether, traditionally represented by a king in profile. In my version it is both a queen and a king.


The second image is Chockmah which translated from Hebrew means “wisdom”. It can also be characterised as expansive energy, and corresponds to the titan god Uran who governs the starry sky.


The image below is my drawing for the third sphere in the Qabalah tree of life. “Binah” means understanding and also is associated to processing sorrow.


OZ Character Ideas

November 7, 2022 07:24 GMT

I’m working on a Cyber-Punk version of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, here are some of my ideas for the characters.

My version of the Witch is a dominatrix who has psychic powers but ultimately is very selfish. Tin-Man is about broken hearts and suffering. I was thinking maybe I can use heart design similar to the Vé-vé of Erzili Freda. She’s a Voudou spirit who similarly is all about broken hearts and tears. And finally, the Wiz, who is a drug dealer.

Cyber WitchCyber Tin-ManCyber Wiz

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