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by Atanas Laskov

Hi there, my name is Atanas Laskov. I'm digital illustrator, mixed-media artist, and the author of the book Human Anatomy: Pocket Reference for Artists. I also made the fantasy adventure Wings of Steel.

Information Design

I made the following "Tree of Life" infographic in Adobe InDesign. It contains ten planetary spheres and icons for them. Each sphere on the Tree corresponds to some Platonic ideal, for example "Strenght" and "Passion", "Imagination" which I illustrated.

You can open the infographic by clicking on the first thumbnail below. Notice the zig-zag line that connects sphere #1 to #10. This is known as "The Lightning Flash", it is a guided tour that symbolizes how Platonic ideals flow from the highest spheres down to Earth.


My animations are produced in Adobe Animate, Krita and Blender. Some of the animations are based on character design by other artists, see the copyright notice in each image.

Character Designs

Here are some examples of my character designs I did for graphic novels and for animation.

Environments, Buildings & Vehicles

My illustrations are painted both digitally and traditionally, so I consider them mixed-media. Topics that interest me are imaginary architecture, mythology, Edo Japan, the European Renaissance, the Ancient Mediterranean and others. I strive for creativity and technical excellence in my artwork.

3D Modelling


In order to draw character designs, human anatomy is an important topic for artists. For this reason, I published a pocket reference "Human Anatomy." This is intended to help artists and illustrators by giving them a "key" to use while working on graphic novels, comics, games, animation, and in other types of media projects. Included are the proportions, head drawing, torso, upper and lower extremity. All parts of the body are covered in multiple views, allowing the artist to follow through, understanding and memorizing the anatomy. The ultimate objective is to be able to draw the human body from imagination. As a graphic novel author, I'm using this book when working on my own projects.

Human Anatomy Pocket Reference for Artists

Graphic Novels

I published 3 volumes of the graphic novel "Wings of Steel". Check it out if you wanna sink your teeth into dystopian Sci-Fi with some funny bits and some horror bits.

Zak is a talented engineer oppressed by the Inquisitors of the Mage Altos. What's worse, pesky acolytes Sue and Zoe don't acknowledge the boy's talent and mock his crude ways. A mysterious organization is spying on him from vantage point in the sky, and a powerful Priestess wants him thrown in a dungeon...

You can find the graphic novel paperbacks, and Kindle e-books, in the Amazon store.

Wings of Steel: Young-adult steampunk adventure Wings of Steel: Shards of Jade Wings of Steel: Dreamer of the Void

Atanas Laskov 🏳️‍🌈