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August 2, 2017 22:46 BST

Yet more sketches of bipeds. By current estimates, I’ve sketched 10% of the population of Edinburgh, including the vampires.

Quick Gestures

July 19, 2017 21:22 BST

Daphne’s Shrine Guardians

June 11, 2017 23:33 BST

This illustration is inspired by the Greek legend of Daphne, a water nymph who asked her father to save her from the advances of Apollo. Her father, the river god Ladon, transformed his daughter into a laurel tree. In this cruel way the father protected her, and he also created two golems to defend her.

Purchase “Shrine Guardians” (12 x 16 inch), £14

Update 2021 I’m now selling a high-quality art print of this piece. My prints are on museum-quality paper with delivery to most locations in the world.

And below you can see the preliminary line drawing I did with Sakura Microns.

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