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Ochosi (also known as: Oxossi) is the guardian of animals and lord of the hunt. He is the son of the orishas Obatala and Yemaya, spouse of Oya (who is goddess of storms). He is said to be extremely handsome, dressed in turquoise and red garments; He wears wide-brimmed hat, decorated with blue and white feathers. According to one story Oya abandons him and he becomes lonely bachelor.

Ochossi is a warrior, hunter and forest ranger. He is deeply concerned with justice. It is said his arrows never miss the mark. Under his protection the Yoruba warriors were the most accurate marksmen in Africa, and their arrows were dipped in deadly poison.

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However, there is limit to the power of Ochossi. He can never go outside of his forest realm, and there he is effectively a prisoner. Because of this, offerings to Ochossi are made at the gates of prisons and police stations (he is also patron of policemen).
The cult of Ochossi has disappeared in Western Africa, but it has survived in the New World. This leads some ethnologists to think that Ochossi is caboclo (Native American spirit imported into Yoruba-diaspora religion).

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