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Creature Designs

July 28, 2021 22:19 BST

Here are some new creature designs that I sketched with Sakura fine-liners, Copic markers, and a little bit Photoshop clean up.

Stalker CrabStegosaurus SentinelBunny Thaumaturgist

Ancient Greek Houses

July 24, 2021 18:46 BST

The ancient Greek house (Oikos) was made of sun-dried mud brick, sometimes with stone foundation. The wooden roof was covered in overlapping clay tiles. Oikos could have one or two floors.

In Athens, houses had different shapes and sizes. A poor house could be as simple as 1 multi-functional room with packed earth floor. Rich houses were organized around central courtyard for light and ventilation. This patio, often surrounded by colonnade, was the common space for all the family.

It contained the altar for sacrifices to the family gods, and a well. The front wall provided security and privacy to the family. There was a single wooden gate.
Large country houses were surrounded by agricultural land, which the family cultivated as the basic economic unit.

Ancient Greek House

New Rig

July 19, 2021 12:00 BST

And this is da new pc. Just plugged in 1TB hdd from my old laptop, and there is also new 1TB ssd for windows and apps. Had to settle for Ryzen 3200G with integrated Radeon. This will look more impressive when I find the money for GeForce RTX, or rob a bank, as now it’s hard to buy graphics cards.

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