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Wee Portrait

February 23, 2022 19:14 GMT

I painted this wee canvas in acrylics and oils, with a little bit of pastels on top. This is the first time I paint on canvas, previously I’ve only painted on heavy paper with acrylics (and pastels). Its a nicer feeling, but the stretched canvas takes up a lot of space so I might try canvas panels in the future; These are more compact.

Acrylic and oils portrait
Here’s also a pride flag I painted just to test out the various brushes in Krita.
Pride flag

Sketchfab Export Of Character

January 24, 2022 09:51 GMT

Here you can see 3D turnaround of my character Ra. This is quite nice in Subtance Painter, you just do File -> Export Textures and then choose the “Sketchfab” preset. Once the model is in Sketchfab you can setup your light, background and some vfx. I’ve added a sharpen effect and a bit of bloom to the white parts Ra’s garments.

Sculpt Of Ra

December 23, 2021 19:56 GMT

During my sculpting class at uni, I made this interpretation of the Egyptian god of the sun Ra. I know that Ra is usually represented with falcon head, in the form of Ra-Horakhty; However, this is actually a composite of the gods Ra and Horus. I chose to represent my character in human form, only the god Ra.

He was sculpted from scratch in ZBrush, you can see some of my process in the previous post here.


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