laPlayer Class Reference

Playable Character. More...

#include <laPlayer.h>

Inheritance diagram for laPlayer:
laFightingCreature laMovingCreature laStateObject laObject laLoadableObj aiController laNamedClass

Public Member Functions

void saveProfile (FILE *f)
uiInventorygetPotionsGUI ()
uiInventorygetItemsGUI ()
 laPlayer (rpgSheet *pSheet=NULL)
virtual void respawn ()
void enableBattleZoom (M_BOOL enable)
void ctlBattleMode ()
M_BOOL isInBattle ()
double getMonsterDistance ()
void setMonsterDistance (double d)
void modePeaceful (M_BOOL on)
M_BOOL isPeaceful ()
M_BOOL isActionActive ()
virtual void attackInitiate (M_BOOL bQuick=M_FALSE)
virtual void hit (rpgAttack attack)
void reflect (const laRect2 &rReference)
void heal (unsigned nHP)
void collect (unsigned nXP)
M_BOOL collect (rpgItem *item)
void skillUp (unsigned nSkill)
unsigned getLevel ()
unsigned getXP ()
virtual void _draw_positioned_rotated (laRenderer *r)
virtual void _draw_positioned (laRenderer *r)
virtual void drawFx (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
virtual void _drawFx_positioned (laRenderer *r)
virtual void drawInterface (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
virtual void animate (laTimer &t)
void animate_DeathMode (laTimer &t)
void animate_TrapDamage (laTimer &t)
void animate_BattleZoom (laTimer &t)
void animate_Attack (laTimer &t)
void animate_Movement (laTimer &t)
virtual void load (class laFileParser *fp)
void enableDialog (class laNPCDialog *pd)
M_BOOL isDialogActive ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from laFightingCreature
 laFightingCreature (rpgSheet *pSheet=NULL)
void attackSelect (unsigned nAttack)
rpgAttack selectedAttack ()
void attackStop ()
M_BOOL attackIsCharged ()
M_BOOL attackIsQuick ()
virtual void attack (unsigned nAttackIndex, laFightingCreature *pTarget)
void attack (laFightingCreature *pTarget)
unsigned getHP ()
unsigned getMaxHP ()
M_BOOL isAlive ()
M_BOOL isImmune ()
virtual void move (int direction)
virtual M_BOOL jump ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from laMovingCreature
 laMovingCreature (rpgSheet *pSheet=NULL)
rpgSheetgetSheet ()
laPoint3 getOriginalPos ()
void enableControl (M_BOOL on=M_TRUE)
M_BOOL isControlEnabled ()
int getMoveDirection ()
virtual void move_v (laPoint3 dir)
virtual void somersault ()
void setFaceDirection (int nDirection)
int getFaceDirection ()
void setExplicitFacing (M_BOOL bExplicit)
M_BOOL isFacingExplict ()
void drawGeometry (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
- Public Member Functions inherited from laStateObject
void state (unsigned nState, double dBlendTime=0.1)
void setBlendTime (double t)
laAnimatedModelgetStateModel ()
unsigned getState ()
virtual void create ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from laObject
void setLevel (class laLevel *plvl)
void setSegment (class laSegment *pseg)
void setTS (laTileset *pTileset)
void setObject (unsigned nTSObject, class laElement *pTSObject)
laLevelgetLevelObject ()
laSegmentgetSegmentObject ()
laTilesetgetTS ()
laElementgetObject ()
unsigned getObjectIndex ()
unsigned nestedAdd (laObject *p)
void nestedRemove (unsigned ID, M_BOOL bFreeMem=M_TRUE)
laObjectnestedGet (unsigned ID)
virtual void save (FILE *f)
virtual void create (laPoint3 pos)
void setOutline (laOutline o)
void setColor (laColor c)
void setLight (M_BOOL on)
void setPosition (laPoint3 pos)
laPoint3 getPosition ()
laPivotgetPivot ()
laRect2 boundingRect ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from laNamedClass
virtual std::string name ()=0
 Abstract naming method.
virtual laNamedClassinstantiate ()=0
 Abstract instantiate method.

Protected Member Functions

void _draw_status_ui (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
void _level_up ()
virtual unsigned _next_state (unsigned nCurrentState)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from laFightingCreature
virtual void _hit_actions (unsigned nDamage)
void _animate_attacks ()
void _trans_deathfx (laRenderer *r)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from laMovingCreature
virtual void _update_facing (double dir_x)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from laObject
void _set_style (laRenderer *r)
void _offset (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
void _rotation (laRenderer *r)
void _offset_and_rotation (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
void _draw_shadow_fx (laRenderer *r)
void _nested_draw_fx (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
void _nested_draw_interface (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
void _nested_animate (laTimer &t)
void _nested_draw (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
void _nested_destroy ()
virtual void _drawFx_notrans (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
virtual void _drawFx_positioned_rotated (laRenderer *r)
virtual void _draw_notrans (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
virtual void _execute_ai (laTimer &t)

Protected Attributes

fxShutter shutterHit
fxShutter shutterDeath
M_BOOL _bEnableBattleZoom
M_BOOL _bBattleMode
double _dMonsterDistance
laTimeTrig _ttBattleStance
fxParticleSystem _cbLevelUp
fxParticleSystem _cbSkillUp
class laNPCDialog_pNPCDialog
uiInventory _uiPotionsWindow
uiInventory _uiInventoryWindow
unsigned _nLastWeapon
cuiProgressBar _IndicatorHP
cuiProgressBar _IndicatorXP
laTexture _HBarTex
laTimeTrig _ttPeacefulAction
rpgWeapon * _pwPeace
- Protected Attributes inherited from laFightingCreature
M_BOOL _bAttack
unsigned _nSelectedAttack
M_BOOL _bAttack_Quick
laTimeTrig _ttAttackCharge
laTimeTrig _ttAttack
laTimeTrig _ttHitImmunity
laTimeTrig _ttDeath
fxParticleSystem _fxBlood
- Protected Attributes inherited from laMovingCreature
M_BOOL _bControlEnabled
M_BOOL _bExplicitFacing
int _nFaceDirection
int _nMovementDirection
laTimeTrig _ttTurn
M_BOOL _bJumping
laTimeTrig _ttSomersault
laPivot _ptOriginPos
- Protected Attributes inherited from laStateObject
laAnimatedModel _animBlend
laStaticModel _snapshot
double _dBlendTime
unsigned _nState
- Protected Attributes inherited from laObject
laPivot _ptPivot
laColor _color
laOutline _outline
M_BOOL _bLightOn
unsigned _nNext_ID
std::map< unsigned, laObject * > _mNestedObjects
aiAgent _ai

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from laMovingCreature
fxParticleSystem _fxTrail
- Public Attributes inherited from laObject
fxMessages fxMessages
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from laObject
static laTexture _texShadow

Detailed Description

Playable Character.

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Atanas Laskov, latan.nosp@m.as@g.nosp@m.mail..nosp@m.com

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