laPivot Class Reference

Dynamic Object Pivot. More...

#include <laPivot.h>

Inherits laPoint3.

Public Member Functions

void simulate (laTimer &t)
void projectShadow ()
laPoint3 projectVector (laPoint3 vector, M_BOOL *pTrapFlag=NULL, rpgTrap **ppTrap=NULL)
laPivotoperator= (const laPoint3 &pt)

Static Public Member Functions

static void colliderRange (class laCollisionDomain *pfirst, unsigned long n)

Public Attributes

double angleX
double angleY
double angleZ
laPoint3 ptGeometryOffset
laPoint3 velocity
laPoint3 size
double mass
M_BOOL bSimulateGravitation
M_BOOL bSimulateCollision
M_BOOL bOnGround
double dShadowY

Protected Member Functions

laPoint3 _displacement_vector (const laTimer &t, const laPoint3 ve) const
void _sim_gravitation (laTimer &t)
laPoint3 _sim_collisions (laTimer &t)

Static Protected Attributes

static class laCollider_pCollider = NULL
static class laCollisionDomain_pFirstDomain = NULL
static unsigned long _nDomains = 0

Detailed Description

Dynamic Object Pivot.

This class representas the pivot (position and rotation) of dynamic objects; It is also a the physical representation used during simulation of game physics.

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Atanas Laskov, latan.nosp@m.as@g.nosp@m.mail..nosp@m.com 20.03.2006

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