laOutline Class Reference

Object outline properties. More...

#include <laRenderer.h>

Public Member Functions

 laOutline (M_BOOL bOn=M_TRUE, const laColor &col=laColor(), const double &width=1, M_BOOL topmosy=M_FALSE)
 Outline constructor.

Public Attributes

M_BOOL bEnabled
 Is the outline enabled.
laColor color
 Outline color.
double dWidth
 Outline width.
M_BOOL bTopmost
 If set the outline is visible even when the object is behind something.
unsigned id
 Outline identifiery (should be unique for outlines that don't merge)
M_BOOL bPass1_Enabled
M_BOOL bPass2_Enabled

Detailed Description

Object outline properties.

Definition at line 66 of file laRenderer.h.

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