laRenderer Class Referenceabstract

Virtual interface for the Engine graphics renderer. More...

#include <laRenderer.h>

Public Member Functions

 laRenderer ()
 Default constructor for the renderer.
virtual laPoint3 getCameraAngles ()=0
laFontfont (char *strName)
 Get a font renderer.
virtual void trianglesDraw (laPoint3 *ar_v, laPoint2 *ar_tv, laPoint3 *ar_n, unsigned nvert)=0
virtual void drawRect (const laPoint3 &pos, const laPoint3 &sz, const laPoint2 &uv, const laPoint2 &uv_sz, double an1=0, double an2=0, M_BOOL bAlignX=M_TRUE)=0
virtual void drawLine (const laPoint3 &a, const laPoint3 &b)=0
virtual void drawEllipse2 (laPoint3 a, laPoint3 b, double z=0, bool flat=true, bool lighten=true)=0
Rendering mode
virtual void modeInterface ()=0
 Switch to interface rendering (2D projection mode)
virtual void modeWorld (const laPoint3 &pos, const laPoint3 &ang=laPoint3())=0
 Switch to "world rendering" (3D projection mode)
virtual void commit ()=0
 Display renderer output.
Rendering flags
virtual void modeDepthBuffer (M_BOOL bOn)=0
 Enable/disable depth buffer.
virtual void modeTexture (M_BOOL bOn)=0
 Enable/disable texturing.
virtual void modeLight (M_BOOL bOn)=0
 Enable/disable lighting.
virtual void modeFog (M_BOOL bOn)=0
 Enable/disable fox.
virtual void modeBlend (M_BOOL bOn)=0
 Enable/disable alpha blending (opacity)
virtual double modeBlendFilter (const double &dMinVisisbleAlpha)=0
 Set a "blend filter" (cutting out elements with opacity lower than dMinVisisbleAlpha)
virtual void modeOutline (const laOutline &outline)
 Set outline parameters.
Performance profiler window
virtual void modeProfiler (M_BOOL bOn)
 Show/hide profiler window.
M_BOOL isProfilerOn ()
 Query profiler window status.
Detail texture
virtual void vtex (laTexture *pTex=NULL, double scale=0.2)=0
virtual void vtexOffset (laPoint3 ofs)
 Set detail texture offset.
Lighting parameters
virtual void lightMakeProjector (unsigned nLight, const laPoint3 &pos, const laPoint3 &dir, const double &angle=360)=0
virtual void lightMakeSunlight (unsigned nLight, const laPoint3 &pos)=0
virtual void lightAmbient (unsigned nLight, const laColor &rgb)=0
virtual void lightDiffuse (unsigned nLight, const laColor &rgb)=0
virtual void lightSpecular (unsigned nLight, const laColor &rgb)=0
virtual void lightAttenuation (unsigned nLight, double a)=0
virtual void lightSetCount (unsigned n)=0
Fog parameters
virtual void fogColor (const laColor &rgb)=0
virtual void fogRange (const double &start, const double &end)=0
virtual M_BOOL getFogMode ()=0
Material parameters
virtual void styleSet (const laColor &diffuse, const laColor &specular=laColor(255, 255, 255, 255))=0
virtual void styleShininess (unsigned s)=0
virtual void styleLine (double dWidth)=0
virtual unsigned styleShaderLoad (char *strShaderName)=0
virtual void styleShader (unsigned ShaderID)=0
virtual void styleBackground (const laColor &bg)
Gemoetry Transformations
virtual void transTranslate (const laPoint3 &pos)=0
virtual void transRotate (const double &ang, const laPoint3 &axis)=0
virtual void transScale (const laPoint3 &sz)=0
virtual void transPush ()=0
virtual void transPop ()=0
Preparing and rendering "compilations" (for quick rendering of static objects )
virtual unsigned compiledActivate (M_BOOL bOn)=0
virtual void compiledDraw (unsigned nID)=0
Rendering "Volatile Quads" (used by the paricle system and the GUI)
unsigned vquadsCount () const
 Current nuber of quads.
void vquadsAllocate (unsigned nMaxQuads)
 Allocate memory for VQ (This is slow, so it should be called a minimal number ot times e.g. at initialization)
laPoint3 * vquadsData (unsigned nQuad, unsigned nCount=1)
 Get a pointer to VQ vertex data.
laPoint2vquadsTexCoord (unsigned nQuad, unsigned nCount=1)
 Get a pointer to VQ texture coordinates.
laColor * vquadsCol (unsigned nQuad, unsigned nCount=1)
 Get a pointer to VQ color data.
virtual void vquadsDraw (unsigned nQuads, laPoint2 *ar_uv=NULL, laColor *ar_color=NULL, M_BOOL bBillboards=M_FALSE, M_BOOL bUseColorArrays=M_FALSE)=0
 Draw an array of VQ, starting with the psecified pointers (or the first VQ if null)
virtual void vquadsDrawSingle (laPoint2 *ar_uv=NULL)=0
 Draw a single VQ (Note this is slower than drawing an array of VQ and should be avoided)
void vquadsMakeBillboards (unsigned nQuads, laPoint3 *ar_pos, double *ar_size)
 Use camera data to create an array of camera-facing VQ (handy for particle effects)
void vquadsMakeXYRect (unsigned nIndex, const laPoint3 &pos, const laPoint3 &sz, const laPoint2 &uv, const laPoint2 &uv_sz)
 Makes a quad aligned to the XY plane; (handy for GUI rendering )

Static Public Attributes

static M_BOOL _bDbgEnable = M_FALSE
static double _dDbgOfsX = 0
static double _dDbgOfsY = 0

Protected Attributes

M_BOOL _bShowProfiler
laFontManager _fontman
 Font manager pointer.
laColor _rgbBg
 Background clear color.
laOutline _outline
 Active object outline.
Detail texture to be applied
class laTexture_pVarTex
double _dDetailTex_Scale
laPoint3 _ptVarTexOffset
unsigned _nW
 \ Camera-related varaibles
unsigned _nH
 Viewport width and height (in pixels)
laPoint2 _ptCamAng
 Camera angle along vertical axis.
laPoint2 _ptCamAngX_sc
laPoint2 _ptCamAngY_sc
 Precomputed sin/cos of camera angle.

Static Protected Attributes

static laPoint3 * _arQuadData = NULL
 Internal variablse for storing "Volatile Quads" (used by the particle system and the GUI) More...
static laPoint2_arQuadUV = NULL
 Quad texture coordinates.
static laColor * _arQuadRGB = NULL
 Quad colors.
static unsigned _nMaxQuads

Abstract functions for creating and discarding the renderer ( to be defined by children )

class laSystemIntegrator
virtual void create ()=0
virtual void discard ()=0

Internals for loading and using textures

class laTexture
virtual laTexture texLoad (std::string strFile, laTextureParams params)=0
virtual void texUse (laTexture *pTex)=0

Detailed Description

Virtual interface for the Engine graphics renderer.

Abstract Renderer Interface.

Abstract base class for specific rendering implementations (e[1]. OpenGL, DirectX based).

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Atanas Laskov, latan.nosp@m.as@g.nosp@m.mail..nosp@m.com

Definition at line 98 of file laRenderer.h.

Member Data Documentation

laPoint3 * laRenderer::_arQuadData = NULL

Internal variablse for storing "Volatile Quads" (used by the particle system and the GUI)

Quad vertex coordinates

Definition at line 134 of file laRenderer.h.

Referenced by vquadsAllocate().

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