laSegment Class Reference

Terrain Semgnet. More...

#include <laSegment.h>

Inheritance diagram for laSegment:

Public Member Functions

laSegmentprevious () const
laSegmentnext () const
void next (laSegment *pnext)
 laSegment (unsigned nIndex=0)
void drawTerrain (laRenderer *r)
void drawObjects (laRenderer *r)
void drawFx (laRenderer *r, const laPoint3 &pos)
void animate (laTimer &t)
virtual void load (laFileParser *fp)
void setTS (laTileset *pTileset)
void setLevel (class laLevel *pLvl)
void setBackgroundElement (unsigned i)
laTilesetgetTS ()
unsigned getBackgroundElement ()
laTileget (int ix, int iy)
laTileget (const laPoint3 &pos)
void bulidDomains (laPoint3 pos)
unsigned collisionDomains ()
unsigned countDomains (unsigned range)
laCollisionDomainfirstDomain ()
laCollisionDomainlastDomain ()
laCollisionDomainfirstNonemptyDomain ()
double getWave (int nX)
double terrainZOffset (int nX)
double terrainAngle (int nX)
double terrainScale (int nX)
void curvitureParams (double *ar4)

Protected Member Functions

void _migrate_object (class laObject *pobj)
void _init_object_list (class laObject **par, unsigned n)
void _update_curviture_parameters ()
void _update_wave ()
void _draw_static (laRenderer *r)
void _draw_dynamic (laRenderer *r)

Protected Attributes

unsigned _nSegmentIndex
class laLevel_pLevel
unsigned _nBackgroundElement
laLitterBox _arLitterBox [M_MAXLITTER_BOX]
unsigned _nLitterBoxCount
laTile _arTiles [M_SEGW][M_SEGH]
unsigned _nCompilationID
unsigned _nCollisionDomains
unsigned _nCollisionDomainSize
std::list< class laObject * > _listObjects
M_BOOL _bObjectListReset
double _arWave [M_SEGW+1]
double _arTerrainCurvitureParams [4]


class laLevel

Detailed Description

Terrain Semgnet.

This class represents a signle segment of the level. Representing the level as a sequence of segments makes it easy to render and animate only those that are visible at the time.

Each segment is represented as a grid of laTile objects Segment backgrounds are randomly generated based on a specified list of littter boxes.

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Atanas Laskov, latan.nosp@m.as@g.nosp@m.mail..nosp@m.com

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