laAnimatedModel Class Reference

Animated 3D Model. More...

#include <laAnimatedModel.h>

Inheritance diagram for laAnimatedModel:

Public Member Functions

virtual bool load (char *strFile)
virtual void discard ()
virtual void buildCollisionData (class laCollisionDomain *pDomain, rpgTrap *pTrap=NULL)
void cycle (M_BOOL bCycle)
void toggleInterpolate (M_BOOL bEnable)
void toggleTraceFx (M_BOOL bEnable)
virtual void draw (laRenderer *pr)
virtual void drawFx (laRenderer *pr)
void animate (laTimer &t)
void blend (laStaticModel *pPose1, laStaticModel *pPose2, double dSec=0.15)
void snapshot (laStaticModel *pm)
laPoint3 sample (unsigned nVertexIndex)
virtual void edScale (laPoint3 sz)
virtual void edTranslate (laPoint3 pos)
virtual void edNormalize ()
virtual void edMinaxis ()
virtual void edMaxaxis ()
virtual void edCentralize ()
virtual void edSnap ()
virtual void edInvertAnimation ()
unsigned frameCount () const
unsigned frameIndex () const
void frameIndex (unsigned i)
laStaticModelframePtr ()
double duration () const
M_BOOL isSolid () const
virtual char * strTexture ()
virtual unsigned vertexCount ()
virtual laPoint3 boundaryMin ()
virtual laPoint3 boundaryMax ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from laModel
virtual laTexturetexture ()
void setDirectoryPrefix (M_BOOL bAdd)
void setTexture (laTexture nTex, M_BOOL bEmissive, unsigned nShininess)

Public Attributes

M_BOOL bIsSolid

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from laModel
static void edRotate (M_BOOL bRot, double a=0)
static void edBend (M_BOOL bBend, double a=0, double s=1)
static void edOffset (M_BOOL bBend, laPoint3 offset=laPoint3())
- Protected Attributes inherited from laModel
M_BOOL _bAddDirectoryPrefix
char _strTex [128]
laTexture _nTex
M_BOOL _bEmissive
unsigned _nShininess
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from laModel
static M_BOOL _bBend = M_FALSE
static double _dBendAng = 0
static double _dBendScale = 1
static M_BOOL _bRotate = M_FALSE
static double _dRotAng = 0
static double _dRotTrans = 0
static M_BOOL _bOffset = M_FALSE
static laPoint3 _ptOffset = laPoint3()

Detailed Description

Animated 3D Model.

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Atanas Laskov, latan.nosp@m.as@g.nosp@m.mail..nosp@m.com

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