laLevel Class Reference

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#include <laLevel.h>

Inheritance diagram for laLevel:
laProgressiveTask laClassFactory

Public Member Functions

void load (char *strFile, M_BOOL bReload=M_FALSE)
void create (unsigned nSegCnt, laTileset *pTS)
void discard ()
void reload ()
void reset ()
void forceCompleted ()
void forceSave ()
M_BOOL isCompleted ()
char * fileName ()
char * name ()
laTilesetgetTS ()
unsigned segmentCount () const
unsigned segmentIndex (double x) const
laSegmentsegmentAtIndex (int ix)
laSegmentsegmentAtPixel (double dx)
laTilegetTile (laPoint3 pos)
laTilegetTile (int ix, int iy)
unsigned getObjCnt () const
class laPlayergetPlayer () const
class laObjectgetObject (unsigned i) const
void scroll (laPoint3 ptViewPos)
void zoom (double zoom)
double zoom ()
void drawInterface (laRenderer *r, laPoint3 ptBasePos)
void drawSky (laRenderer *r)
void draw (laRenderer *r, laSegment *pfirst, unsigned nSegments)
void cameraSetup (laRenderer *r)
void animate (laTimer &t, laSegment *pfirst, unsigned nSegments)
double terrainZOffset (long int nX) const
double terrainAngle (long int nX) const
double terrainScale (long int nX) const
double terrainZOffset_atPixel (double x) const
double terrainAngle_atPixel (double x) const
M_BOOL isIntroPresent ()
M_BOOL isIntroOver ()
void introOver (M_BOOL bOver=M_TRUE)
char * nextLevel ()
aiPercepts * getGlobalPercepts ()
laTexturegetNoiseTex ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from laProgressiveTask
void progressIncrease (double val, char *str=NULL,...)
void progressReset (char *str=NULL,...)
void progressSubtask (laProgressiveTask *pts, double dRange)
double progress ()
char * status ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from laClassFactory
void addNamedClass (laNamedClass *pc)
 Register a named class.
laNamedClassinstantiate (std::string strClassName)
 Instantiate class by name.

Public Attributes

aiPercepts _perceptsGlobal
- Public Attributes inherited from laProgressiveTask

Protected Member Functions

void _curviture_precompute ()
void _save_profile (char *strName)
void _load_segments (laFileParser &fp, unsigned len)
void _load_objects (laFileParser &fp)
void _setup_scene (laRenderer *r)
void _scroll_view (laRenderer *r)
void _draw_pass_1 (laRenderer *r)
void _draw_pass_1a (laRenderer *r)
void _draw_pass_2 (laRenderer *r)

Protected Attributes

char _strFileName [256]
char _strName [128]
M_BOOL _bValid
M_BOOL _bCompleted
class laTileset_pTileSet
M_BOOL _bIntroPresent
M_BOOL _bIntroOver
char _strNextLevel [64]
laSegment _cbFirstSeg
unsigned _nSegCnt
class laObject_arObjects [M_MAXOBJCNT]
unsigned _nObjCnt
laPoint3 _ptViewPosition
double * _arCurviture_ZOffsets
double * _arCurviture_Angles
double * _arCurviture_Scales

Static Protected Attributes

static double _dZoom = 1

Detailed Description

: JR Level

This class represents the entire level; Each level is composed of several sequential segments, arragned along the X axis; Segments are organized as a list of laSecment objects

The level object manages this list, as well as dynamic object and the tileset object (laTitleset)

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Atanas Laskov, latan.nosp@m.as@g.nosp@m.mail..nosp@m.com

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