laModel Class Referenceabstract

Abstract Interface for 3D Models. More...

#include <laModel.h>

Inheritance diagram for laModel:
laAnimatedModel laStaticModel

Public Member Functions

virtual bool load (char *strFile)=0
virtual void discard ()=0
virtual void buildCollisionData (class laCollisionDomain *pDomain, class rpgTrap *pTrap=NULL)=0
virtual void draw (laRenderer *pr)=0
virtual void drawFx (laRenderer *pr)=0
virtual void edScale (laPoint3 sz)=0
virtual void edTranslate (laPoint3 pos)=0
virtual void edNormalize ()=0
virtual void edMinaxis ()=0
virtual void edMaxaxis ()=0
virtual void edCentralize ()=0
virtual void edSnap ()=0
virtual char * strTexture ()=0
virtual unsigned vertexCount ()=0
virtual laTexturetexture ()
virtual laPoint3 boundaryMin ()=0
virtual laPoint3 boundaryMax ()=0
void setDirectoryPrefix (M_BOOL bAdd)
void setTexture (laTexture nTex, M_BOOL bEmissive, unsigned nShininess)

Static Public Member Functions

static void edRotate (M_BOOL bRot, double a=0)
static void edBend (M_BOOL bBend, double a=0, double s=1)
static void edOffset (M_BOOL bBend, laPoint3 offset=laPoint3())

Protected Attributes

M_BOOL _bAddDirectoryPrefix
char _strTex [128]
laTexture _nTex
M_BOOL _bEmissive
unsigned _nShininess

Static Protected Attributes

static M_BOOL _bBend = M_FALSE
static double _dBendAng = 0
static double _dBendScale = 1
static M_BOOL _bRotate = M_FALSE
static double _dRotAng = 0
static double _dRotTrans = 0
static M_BOOL _bOffset = M_FALSE
static laPoint3 _ptOffset = laPoint3()

Detailed Description

Abstract Interface for 3D Models.

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Atanas Laskov, latan.nosp@m.as@g.nosp@m.mail..nosp@m.com

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