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UI Sketches

February 15, 2024 10:21 GMT

Here are some quick conceptual sketches for the UI of my city design app. The idea is to go crazy and explore many different alternatives.

Quick user interface sketches

(1) This literally is the idea of an architect’s desktop, the city appears on a piece of millimetre paper. There are tools on the desktop such as pencils and erasers that are interactable and can be selected; (2) The city can be constructed on a sphere, like a small and over-populated planet. There are two curving arcs of UI controls in the top-left and bottom-right corner, and the planet can be rotated with swipe gestures; (3) Japanese folding screen with clouds painted on it, a slice of the city appears in front of the screen; (4) Old television box, the city appears on the CRT screen and there are skeuomorphic knobs on the box; (5) Slice of the city is visible in isomorphic perspective, the UI controls are placed in the same perspective grid; (6) The user builds towering blocks starting with a very small foundation, they become increasingly unstable as they get grow higher; (7) Triangle grid with two UI panels in front of it; (8) Borg cube type of a city, the four small cubes contain navigation controls in the four directions; (9) Slot machine for randomized city design; (10) Jewel, or bracelet, that encircles a vignette of the city. There are gems on the bracelet with the UI controls on them; (11) Another triangle grid, this time the UI controls are in the aqueduct structure behind the city; (12) Spherical orb with ribbons of UI controls floating around it.

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