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Base Class for Stages. More...

#include <laStage.h>

Inheritance diagram for laStage:
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Public Member Functions

void setName (char *strName)
char * name ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void onInit ()=0
virtual void onFini ()=0
virtual void onFrame (class laRenderer *pr, class laInputManager *pi, class laTimer *pt)=0
virtual void onActivate ()
virtual void onDeactivate ()
char * getGame ()


class laGame

Detailed Description

Base Class for Stages.

The laGame class represents a single "stage", or a single independent part of the game. The core game mechanics can be implemented as a single stage, or divided into several different parts (e.g. world map or trading interface, separate from the rest of the game).

Different stages are managed by the laGame class. Normally, the user would derive new classes from laStage and use the laGame for communication between them.

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Atanas Laskov, latan.nosp@m.as@g.nosp@m.mail..nosp@m.com

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