laLitterPools Class Reference

"Litter pools" to be used for populating laLitterBox More...

#include <laLitterBox.h>

Inheritance diagram for laLitterPools:

Public Member Functions

char * name ()
class laTilesetgetTS ()
laPoint3 getRandomPosition ()
unsigned getRandomPopulation ()
unsigned getRandomElement ()
double getRandomAngle ()
laPoint3 getAngleVector ()
void setTS (laTileset *pTileset)
virtual void load (class laFileParser *fp)

Protected Attributes

char _strName [128]
laPoint3 _ptPivot
laPoint3 __ptSize
class laTileset_pTileset
unsigned _nPoolsz
unsigned * _arPools
char * _strNames
double _dAngleVar
laPoint3 _AngleVector
unsigned _nMinPolulation
unsigned _nMaxPolulation

Detailed Description

"Litter pools" to be used for populating laLitterBox

Definition at line 40 of file laLitterBox.h.

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