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Zak's Dragonfly
Wings of Steel tells the tale of Zak and his flying machine with 51 manga illustrations. Zak is a talented engineer in service of the Mage Altos, but he suffers the oppression of the Inquisitors of Altos. The Mage himself views engineering as a dangerous craft, inhibiting the development of advanced technology.

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Ice Witch

November 12, 2017 21:45 GMT

Ice witch, plus a couple unrelated winter scenes.
Ice witch illustration


November 9, 2017 07:05 GMT

Random pedestrians, a stray werewolf.


October 21, 2017 21:01 BST

Showcasing a minor obsession with drapery and wrinkles.

Cathedral’s Spire

September 4, 2017 19:04 BST

Rocky Shores

September 3, 2017 08:04 BST

Lady’s Tower

September 2, 2017 19:11 BST

A ruined tower somewhere on the shores of Scotland.


August 2, 2017 22:46 BST

Yet more sketches of bipeds. By current estimates, I've sketched 10% of the population of Edinburgh, including the vampires.

Quick Gestures

July 19, 2017 21:22 BST

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