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I Know What You Did Last Summer

June 11, 2021 09:29 BST

Here are some quick paintings and sketches that I’m doing in the summer! ^_^

Red And Black Animated Film

May 3, 2021 09:14 BST

A ghost wakes up in the underground kingdom of Quimbanda. He traverses the underworld and is introduced to the spirits Pomba Gira and Exu, learning their ritual colours – Red and Black.

I animated this in Maya with final compositing in After Effects.

Here are some renders for my animation project, using the Hardware Renderer 2.0 cuz Arnold is too heavy for my laptop:

Weeping AngelBoat ArrivalGate OpensExus Cave

Characters For Animation

April 26, 2021 18:51 BST

These are my characters for the animation project “Exu’s Cave” that I’m currently working on.

Exu Tanca Rua das AlmasMaria PadilhaBaby 3D Model

Also here a little boat that I modelled for the same project ;-).
Boat 3D Model

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