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Further Perspective Studies

July 26, 2020 12:31 BST

The big news this summer, apart from SARS-CoV-2, is that I am starting a degree in Computer Arts and will be moving to Dundee. My studies will be oriented dowards game art and animation, as well as other entertainment, mobile game and web industries.

So in the few remaining months, I’d like to focus on perspective drawing from imagination.

My primary sources are the following books:

* Perspective Made Easy. Ernest Norling. This is a cute little book that teaches all the basics, and it even goes into casting shadows and reflections.

* How to Draw. Scott Robertson. I watched his tutorials on the Gnomon Workshop and they are great. This is a more advanced and technical book and a bit tedious. However it teaches everything one needs to know to be competent in perspective drawing.

* HDM Volume 25: Putting things in perspective. Society of Manga Artists. This is a Manga drawing manual, and is on my personal favourite list, which is not part of the official university reading list.

I will post further perspective studies from imagination here so stay tuned.

Two Perspective Sketches

July 4, 2020 19:28 BST

Perspective study using Copic markers and Sakura fine-liners. I really like this approach to rendering buildings, and you can expect to see more of this style on my sketchbook.

Second one is a quick watercolour urban sketch that I did in Edinburgh. Ravens and seagulls are my favourite bird types, because they are the smartest. Pigeons are funny to draw.

Ultra Simplified Volumes

July 4, 2020 19:28 BST

Exploration of the female and male figure with emphasis on the difference in proportions. This is based on my previous anatomy studies, however, this time I wanted to start with simple shapes. Comic book artist David Finch suggest to start with a kind of a “vest” for the chest, and “pants” for the pelvis (see the thumbnails). I feel this is a very good way to start, because it makes it easy to establish the landmarks on the body.

Legs are often exaggerated, so fantasy women will have very long legs like fashion models. This is not naturalistic but it is very glamorous and flattering. Another exaggeration of the female is lifting up the iliac crest, which also gives the impression of long legs. In males, the most glamorous exaggeration is to make the chest wider. Long legs are flattering for both genders.

Anatomy Sketch Of Foot

June 21, 2020 19:43 BST

Just because people have feet and I draw every part of the body. I’m not a feet fetishist in particular ^_^’. Also pending are detailed studies of the features of the face, not sure when that will happen.

Study of foot in pastels.

Little Flower Thingy

June 9, 2020 18:12 BST

Pettite fleur jauneWhite chamomiles

Head Studies

May 7, 2020 17:47 BST

Watercolor head in profilePortraitReadhead PortraitBlonde Portrait

Muscles Of The Head

April 25, 2020 07:47 BST

Skulls With Rhythms

April 23, 2020 18:09 BST

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