uiDesktop_Intro Class Reference

Level Intro/Outro Stage. More...

#include <stageIntro.h>

Inheritance diagram for uiDesktop_Intro:
uiDesktop uiContainer uiWindow laLoadableObj uiSkinUser

Public Member Functions

virtual void onCommand (unsigned long uID, unsigned long nCmd)
 Command event handler.
- Public Member Functions inherited from uiDesktop
void create (char *strDesktopName)
void kill ()
 Discard window and all children.
void drawBackground ()
virtual void draw ()
 Display the window.
virtual void reply ()
 Handle input message.
uiPointergetMousePointer ()
uiSkingetSkin ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from uiContainer
void toggleBorders (M_BOOL bEnable)
 Toggle border visbility.
void toggleMoveable (M_BOOL bEnable, unsigned nButton=0)
 Toggle moveable flag.
virtual void create (laPoint3 pos, laPoint3 size)
 Create new empty window.
unsigned insert (uiWindow *pWnd)
uiWindowget (unsigned id)
uiWindowremove (unsigned id)
virtual void onMouseMove (laPoint3 ptRelativePos)
virtual void onUp (unsigned nButton)
 uiContainer (void)
 uiContainer (char *strFile)
 ~uiContainer (void)
virtual void load (char *strFile)
virtual void load (class laFileParser *fp)
 Load a dialog layout form .cui file.
- Public Member Functions inherited from uiWindow
 uiWindow (void)
 Class constructor.
M_BOOL isMouseInside ()
 Helpful function that checks if the mouse pointer is inside the window.
virtual void move (laPoint3 ptNewPos, unsigned nHReference=M_AL, unsigned nVReference=M_AT)
 Change window position.
virtual void show ()
virtual void hide ()
bool isVisible ()
void enable ()
void disable ()
bool isEnabled ()
unsigned long getID ()
void setID (unsigned long id)
laPoint3 getPos ()
 Get relative window position with regard to parent.
laPoint3 getAbsolutePos ()
 Get absolute window position.
laPoint3 getSize ()
laPoint3 getDecorationSize ()
virtual void onMouseIn ()
virtual void onMouseOut ()
virtual void onDown (unsigned nButton)
virtual void onClick (unsigned nButton)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from uiContainer
uiLabel caption
- Protected Member Functions inherited from uiContainer
void loadAlignment (laFileParser *fp, uiWindow *pw)
virtual void init ()
virtual void drawBorders ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from uiWindow
laPoint3 getRelativePointerPos ()
 Get mouse pointer position relative to window position.
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from uiWindow
static uiPointergetMousePointer ()
 Enables children to get a pointer to the mouse pointer, but not to change it.
- Protected Attributes inherited from uiDesktop
uiSkin m_uiSkin
uiPointer m_uiPtr
laSky _cbSky
- Protected Attributes inherited from uiContainer
std::vector< uiWindow * > _vControls
laTexture tbg
laTexture tborder_h
laTexture tborder_v
laTexture tangle
laColor col
laPoint3 ptShadowOffset
M_BOOL _bDisplayBorders
M_BOOL _bMoveable
unsigned _nDragButton
laPoint3 _ptDragOffset
- Protected Attributes inherited from uiWindow
 Pointer to parent window, if any.
bool _bVisible
 Window visibility flag.
bool _bEnabled
 Window interactivity flag.
laPoint3 _ptPos
 Windos position (relative to parent)
laPoint3 _ptSize
 Window size.
laPoint3 _ptDecorationSize
 Size of border elements; defaults to 0.
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from uiContainer
static uiContainer_pDrag = NULL
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from uiSkinUser
static uiSkin_pSkin = NULL

Detailed Description

Level Intro/Outro Stage.

Copyright (C) 2007-2013 Atanas Laskov, latan.nosp@m.as@g.nosp@m.mail..nosp@m.com

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