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November 16, 2019 16:04 GMT

It is important to experience romances and loves, especially when you are young. This contributes to the fullness of life. A life without love is not a complete human experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, you should go with your own natural intuition. Ask yourself with honesty what your desires are.

In principle, the love of Philosophy becomes more important when you are older, that is to say Platonic love. Sex drive never disappears but the body is no longer beautiful. Therefore, there is no need to spoil your memories of beautiful love, with yet more love, but of lesser quality.

If you feel you’re missing out, you can always catch up. Take the example of Pablo Picasso who was notorious womanizer at any age throughout his 90 years of life. It didn’t stop him at all when he was old and ugly. His artwork was still beautiful. That was enough for the women who adored him. He was a smart man, and very creative.


According to the Hagakure, the eminent bushido manual of the Edo period, a Samurai without a male lover is like a girl without fiancé. It was acceptable to romance another Samurai, but not a commoner.

The proper way to do that was to gain the close friendship of the other Samurai, while continually testing his character for 7 years (nowadays this is shortened to 7 seconds). Testing him was important because rejection was a great shame. It would require harakiri. So, once you are confident your lover would not betray you, you speak to him openly and tell him you are ready to take the relationship to the next level.

However, it is also said that you should never have more than one arrow to your bow, that is to say, you should romance only one person at a time.
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Atanas Laskov 🏳️‍🌈