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November 25, 2018 23:05 GMT

Can a painter paint without using paint? Some kind tool is needed for every task, but it is not the tool that matters; Nor the painting. The painter himself is totally irrelevant.

Perfection in anything makes it infinite. Infinity is bad. The more you look, the deeper it becomes; The more you analyze, the greater complexity you add. If you want a task to be finished, you need to abandon perfectionism in that task.

By consequence, if you want to live your life happy, you need to abandon the quest of finding perfect structure and meaning in your life. That is not to say, you need to abandon the quest of your life; No way. But you need to be humble in your goals.

According to Buddhist teaching, the first step closer to nirvana is abandoning the desire to reach nirvana. In other words, rather than striving for something perfect, you need to accept the imperfect. Apply yourself to doing what you can and bring it closer to reality. Buddha had his doubts about humanity, but in the end he decided to do what he can to help everyone.

Life is limited in time, and questions are infinite. We must leave out some of the answers in order to live; Otherwise life becomes one big question.

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Atanas Laskov 🏳️‍🌈