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September 1, 2021 18:50 BST

Welcome to my print shop! I’m selling a few high-quality illustration prints of digital art, watercolours and pastels. This is my own bespoke artwork. Each poster is on archival, acid-free paper that yields brilliant colours to decorate your room.

Framed Classical Figure (6 Models)

Framed Classical Figures
Purchase Framed Classical Figures (10 x 10 inch), £25

About the drawings: Colour drawings – pastel and watercolour pencil, based on the study of classical Greek, Roman and Renaissance models. Make sure you pick the one you like, there are 6 different models! It’s already framed and ready to decorate home or office.

“Tea-Master” Illustration Print

Trinity Illustration Print
Purchase “Tea-Master” (12 x 18 inch), £18

About this painting:Painting of a Japanese tea-master in her Teahouse. This is a summer ceremony, so she has the tools for this season: shallow tea bowl for the summer (Chawan 茶碗), summer teapot with brazier (Kama 釜 and Furo 風炉), cool water vessel (Yakan 薬缶), spare water vessel (Kensui 建水), and the tea powder box (Natsume 棗). Teahouses like this one were constructed “Wabi-Sabi”, in the rustic Zen style. I used Photoshop and ArtRage for this painting, you can read more about it here.

“Trinity” Illustration Print

Trinity Illustration Print
Purchase “Trinity” (12 x 16 inch), £15

About this painting: My idea was to paint a monastery, but one that’s probably on an alien planet. The organic look to buildings and environments is like Zerg architecture. This is what I was aiming for, Zerg landscape looks like it is living and pulsing flesh. This painting started as a watercolour, and you can see a lot of that original layer in the background. I decided to bring it in Photoshop and finished much of the foreground, and the 3 principal characters using digital oil brushes.

“Shrine Guardians” Illustration Print

Shrine Guardians Illustration Print
Purchase “Shrine Guardians” (12 x 16 inch), £14

About this painting: This piece is inspired by the legend of Daphne, a water nymph who asked her father to save her from the advances of Apollo. Her father, the river god Ladon, transformed his daughter into a laurel tree. In this cruel way the father protected her, and he also created two golems to defend her.

“Shinto Gate” Illustration Print

The Red Queen Illustration Print
Purchase “Shinto Gate” (8 x 10 inch), £10

About this painting: This is a Japanese “Torii” which marks the entrance to a Shinto temple. Once you cross the gate you are on holy land. It prevents evil spirits from entering the sanctuary. I painted this piece in soft pastels with some digital post-processing.

“Red Queen” Illustration Print

The Red Queen Illustration Print
Purchase “The Red Queen” (8 x 10 inch), £10

About this painting: The principal character, Red Queen, is inspired by the characters in the works of Spanish painter Velásquez.This started as a watercolour sketch, and I very quickly decided to bring this sketch into Krita. I painted digitally with the excellent oil brushes in that free software. While rendering this fine detail, I was careful to preserve the original grainy and crackled watercolour texture. The work ended up looking organic, living architecture that incorporates a human skull. The second sculpture is a harlequin.

“Prison Citadel” Illustration Print

Prison Citadel Illustration Print
Purchase “Prison Citadel” (8 x 10 inch), £10

About this painting: Here’s this little guy, sitting in a cage which can be lowered drown into the monster pit. This idea started as black & white ink drawing with Sakura Graphic liners; The next step was painting the watercolour on top of it, which was a very loose watercolour. After it was dry, I added more vibrant colour and small details with pastel, scattered throughout the painting. Bringing it all into Photoshop, I made the decision to pull out white highlights to give the finished painting a graphical look.

“Renaissane City” Illustration Print

Renaissance City Illustration Print
Purchase “Renaissance City” (8 x 10 inch), £10

About this painting: My inspiration was the Imperial City in Elder Scrolls Oblivion, where there are nasty fish lurking in the canals… you don’t want to drop in the water unless you are prepared to fight. The buildings are my own creation, but I wanted to give them a modular look like in a game. This piece started as black & white line drawing. I painted a watercolour on top of it, which was done wet-in-wet so you can see a lot of blending and bleeding of the colours in this particular piece.

“Faery” Illustration Print

Faery Illustration Print
Purchase “Faery ” (8 x 10 inch), £9

About this painting: Faery is basically the same idea as the Fabulous Godmother, and the monster is equivalent to Cinderella in the 2021 movie. The monster will to be transformed into a beautiful monster thanks to the magical power of the Faery. I painted this in watercolour and Sakura Micron liner.

Shipping Info

Orders are fulfilled by Printful with shipping to Europe, UK, North America, Asia-Pacific, and other locations. Estimated delivery times may vary depending on your country. You can pay by card, Apple Pay, or PayPal in my Gumroad shop. After the order was placed you will receive confirmation by e-mail.

EUROPE: 3-6 business days, £4.35
UK: 5-10 business days, £4.35
NORTH AMERICA: 3-6 business days, £3.85
Other: 5-10 business days, 4.65

I’m currently working to expand the shop. You can browse the Portfolio for good indication of prints that will become available in the future. If you like something, drop me a message on social media (instagram or twitter) and I’ll make it available as a priority.

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