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September 25, 2021 09:13 BST

On one occasion, the mother of Darius III mistook the general Hephaestion for Alexander the Great. She was mortified. Alexander graciously reassured her, and said “That’s ok, my lady, he also is Alexander!” The two men were so close they were like one.

Alexander the Great not only conquered, he also loved. He loved his second-in-command, the talented general Hephaestion. That was made very clear. Several times Alexander made it obvious, and especially with his “coming out” ceremony at the grave of Achilles and Patroclus.


Pundits say it was declaration of friendship and not sexual love. George Martin, the writer of Game of Thrones, who is massively in debt to Alexander, was like “If it’s true, and he was indeed a homosexual, then bla-bla-bla…” He’s not convinced Alexander was homosexual, so he kills off his gay character early in the book series. Don’t bother reading Game of Thrones if you hope for inclusive fantasy; There is better fantasy, for example read Nightrunners and Tamír Triad.

Homer didn’t say it directly, so what? Homer was a subtler man.

However, Alexander adorned the gave of Achilles with flowers and Hephaestion did the same for Patroclus in a ceremony showing their love for each other. At the time when they performed that ceremony, it was widely accepted by public opinion Achilles and Patroclus had been lovers. Ancient Greeks had argued for centuries if Patroclus was the top or the bottom. Achilles was the stronger of the two warriors, but he was clean-shaven. Patroclus was bearded so that made him more manly. It was a confusing situation, as love is, no wonder Homer was silent.

Furthermore, the culture of Macedon was closer to Spartan culture, where male lovers are warriors of similar age (bromance culture), rather than Athenian culture where the erastes vs eromenos (top vs bottom) debate was such a big deal.

Regardless of the detail, why would Alexander perform ceremony at the grave of a Hero with such reputation, if he was not in love with another man? So much in love, that he wanted the entire world to know… Alexander, who had conquered half the Earth, and his empire touched on the border of China in the Himalayas. He was not stupid; It was clear what his subjects will think, they will know.

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