Atanas Laskov


March 8, 2021 20:59 GMT

I painted this is study of a girl after Berthe Morisot. She was an impressionist who outraged public opinion at the end of the 19th century because she was a woman who is professional painter. At the time, only men were professional artists, and women had to give up their art career when they married. Berthe refused to do this.

And here’s a head study, completely unrelated:

Jamaican Inn

March 3, 2021 21:54 GMT

Just an environment study based on a shot from the film Jamaican Inn (1939) by Alfred Hitchcock.

Dundee Photos

March 2, 2021 09:17 GMT

Graveyards and gothic churches are prevalent, just like in Edinburgh. But there is also a cool looking ship. The seagulls are bigger and meaner.

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Atanas Laskov