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Zak's Dragonfly
Wings of Steel tells the tale of Zak and his flying machine with 51 manga illustrations. Zak is a talented engineer in service of the Mage Altos, but he suffers the oppression of the Inquisitors of Altos. The Mage himself views engineering as a dangerous craft, inhibiting the development of advanced technology.

You can buy the graphic novel on Amazon worldwide and Gumroad.

Elephant And Fly

December 16, 2014 18:56 GMT

Laskov 3D Elephant and Fly

Haunted Monastery

November 23, 2014 21:36 GMT

Laskov Haunted Monastery

Past To Present

October 21, 2014 21:51 BST

From the past, everything is dust, except the things you choose to save;
The things you choose to save become love;
Love becomes hard work.

Temple Of The Horned Idol.

October 5, 2014 21:56 BST

Temple of the Horned Idol

Edinburgh Sketches

June 7, 2014 13:23 BST

Edinburgh Sketches

Castle Doodle

April 5, 2014 19:40 BST

Castle doodle

Vampire-Knight, Penciling

January 11, 2014 19:15 GMT

Laskov Knight

Torso And (yet Another) Skull.

January 8, 2014 21:34 GMT


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