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Zak's Dragonfly
Wings of Steel tells the tale of Zak and his flying machine with 51 manga illustrations. Zak is a talented engineer in service of the Mage Altos, but he suffers the oppression of the Inquisitors of Altos. The Mage himself views engineering as a dangerous craft, inhibiting the development of advanced technology.

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Figure Study

December 11, 2018 13:39 GMT

Red Church

November 24, 2018 20:01 GMT

More Gesture Sketches

November 12, 2018 23:28 GMT

Leonardo and Michelangelo lived in the same century, but Leonardo was 30 years older, and they were enemies. Michelangelo for example wanted the sculpture of David to be placed in direct sunlight. Leonardo said that it must be placed inside a niche painted black, to show the figure more clearly.

Tree In Queen’s Garden

November 10, 2018 12:11 GMT

This is not an apple tree, it will not bend heavy with fruit.
It is a gnarled old tree, no carpenter would use the raw wood to make furniture.
Seeing such a tree, some would exclaim, "What a useless tree!"
But you can rest in it's shadow for a while, and nobody would disturb you.

Gothic Cathedral

November 3, 2018 08:52 GMT

Shadowy Garden

November 2, 2018 20:36 GMT

Interesting Door

November 2, 2018 20:04 GMT


October 16, 2018 23:00 BST

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