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Zak's Dragonfly
Wings of Steel tells the tale of Zak and his flying machine with 51 manga illustrations. Zak is a talented engineer in service of the Mage Altos, but he suffers the oppression of the Inquisitors of Altos. The Mage himself views engineering as a dangerous craft, inhibiting the development of advanced technology.

Please buy the graphic novel because in this way you will be supporting my artwork. You can find it on Amazon worldwide. Thanks!

Edinburgh Sketches

June 7, 2014 13:23 GMT

Edinburgh Sketches

Castle Doodle

April 5, 2014 19:40 GMT

Castle doodle

Vampire-Knight, Penciling

January 11, 2014 19:15 GMT

Laskov Knight

Torso And (yet Another) Skull.

January 8, 2014 21:34 GMT


Head Study

December 15, 2013 07:58 GMT

Laskov Greek Head


December 7, 2013 14:34 GMT



November 29, 2013 14:37 GMT

"Draw, draw, until you become a drawing yourself." — Confucian proverb

Some Recent Anatomy Sketches

November 24, 2013 23:50 GMT

Laskov Study

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